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1 Check the groups below that contain many videos. View as many videos as you would like from them. 2

1) Check the groups below that contain many videos. View as many videos as you would like from them.
2) Choose 3 Exercises as specified below:
One exercise MUST be from Category A, and
Two exercises of your choice from any category
that you think you would realistically continue to practice. Be sure to scroll down as there are between 4-17 exercises per category.
3) Three (3) paragraphs/one paragraph for each exercise:
Write and submit a minimum of three paragraphs using at least 150-200 words for EACH paragraph as a Word Document. Describe your exercise choices and why they are a good fit for your body, workout schedule, personal fitness goals, and/or lifestyle.
Group A – Review First:
Foam Rolling – calves
Foam Rolling – Quadriceps
Foam Rolling – thoracic spine
Bend-and-lift Movement Screen
Overhead Reach Movement Screen
Pelvic Tilting
Positional Isometrics – head and thoracic spine
Supine Drawing-in Exercises – Core
Advanced Core Stabilization Exercise
Shoulder Mechanics
Overhead Movement Mechanics (Press/Pulls)
Scapular Packing
Rotator Cuff Exercises
Basic Bend and Lift Mechanics
Foot and Knee Alignment For Squats
Group B – Traditional Exercises:
Barbell Chest (bench) Press
Biceps Curls Variations
Cable Crunches
Triceps Variations
Triceps Pushdowns / Overhead Extensions
Multi-planar Movement
Seated Lat Pull Downs
Seated Machine Rows
Seated Rows
Group C – Compound Movements and Olympics Lifts:
Squat Rack Set-up
Romanian Deadlift
Olympic and Power Squat
Lunge Mechanics
Cleans – Movement Phases
Muscle and Power Cleans
Hang Snatch
Cable Rotations
Cable Woodchops
Cable Lifts (hay bailers)
Forward Lunge Press
Reverse Lunge with Pull Downs
Squat Press
Plyo Box Jumps
Medicine Ball Slams
Group D – Kettlebell (Kb) Exercises:
Kettlebell Rack
Kettlebell Swing
Goblet Squat
Kettlebell Snatch

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