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1. Explain a situation that you have been in (either

 1. Explain a situation that you have been in (either as an employee or a manager) regarding turnover or absenteeism. How did you handle that situation? What might you have done differently? 

2. OUCH stands for Objective, Uniform in application, Consistent in effect, and Has job relatedness. 
Recall a personal experience or a situation described in the news when the OUCH test was not performed by the employer. What step or steps were missing? What would you have done to ensure the steps of the OUCH test were met in this situation? 

3. In this unit, you learned about nonroutine skills and how management information systems (MIS) can help you to gain those skills. What nonroutine skills do you currently possess? Do you consider those skills to be marketable? 

4. The 2031 section on page 286 of the textbook provides an interesting discussion about the future of collaboration. After reading about the future of collaboration systems, how do you envision collaboration in your industry in the year 2031?

Describe the industry you currently work in or plan to work in along with a discussion of your vision of what collaboration will be like for your industry in the year 2031.

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