1.Five Journals Instruction: object of the day creative element of the day daily ritual noticed or altered new methods of

1.Five Journals Instruction:
object of the day, creative element of the day, daily ritual noticed or altered, new methods of observation, transformation of object.
Each journal only need one paragraph minimum 150 words.
2. Five Project Self-reflections:
assign yourself the grade that you think you deserve for each project on the day that it is presented. Explain the reasoning behind your evaluation in 2-3 sentences. Use the rubric above if you need a scale to measure by
Then answer the following questions:
In what ways was your project unsuccessful?
In what ways was your project successful?
project 1 Social Intervention Project.
project 2. personal mapping
project3. Confession
project 4. Personal Narrative
project 5.
personal space.
Each self-reflection only need one paragraph minimum 150 words.
(Five projects I upload in this post files below )
3.One artist statement:
The artist statement should be written in the first-person voice and discuss why, what and how you are making your art. Artist statements often begin
with an overview of your interests and approaches that you explain further through examples of your work.
If you consider yourself new to your arts practice, that is great! If you do not feel like you know enough about your arts practice to write about it, consider this writing an exercise in setting vision for your arts practice:
Pick your favorite project that you did in this class, and imagine that you work as an artist in that medium full-time now. Write your artist statement from this vantage point. (let me know if you go this route!).
Write 250-350 words.
Some examples online:
Erin Gee -she has a biography (third-person) and a statement on practice (first-person):
Studio Kimchi and Chips – I like that the first paragraph is a global statement and the second paragraph is how it applies to a specific work :https://kimchiandchips.com/about/
(but it’s written in the third-person voice)
Zach Blas – the third paragraph could be an artist statement, one sentence to introduce the global direction they are taken with their work and examples of past work on how they applied this global direction:

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