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1. Review the following website:https:www.edutopia.orggamebasedlearningresources 2. Choose a content area and a grade as your target. 3. Read about gamebased

1. Review the following website:
2. Choose a content area and a grade as your target.
3. Read about game-based learning.
3. You will submit a Word document that includes:
a. The grade level and content area that you would be creating a gaming assignment for.
b. What game would you use, and why? (examples include simulations, computer based games, etc.) You must do a great deal of research to identify a SPECIFIC game. Examples can be found in the link above, but there are hundreds online. Please only choose a game that I can access- you must provide a link to the game or at least a link to a sample/tutorial of the game here.- 1 paragraph
c. Explain how you would use this game to teach or enhance specific skills in the classroom. (1-2 paragraphs).
d. Identify 2-3 TEKS that your use of this game would address (
Explain, using your text as support (cite properly using APA)- 2-3 paragraphs.
– How use of this game will enhance learning in your class
– How use of this game will address learning styles and learning theories (see textbook)
– How your instruction will be enhanced as a result
f. Cite references on an appropriate formatted APA reference page.
Your submission should be 3-4 pages in length and is due November 8th.
All contributing members names should be listed on your submission. Only ONE paper needs to be submitted on behalf of the group. There should only be two people in your group unless your instructor has approved otherwise
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