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1. The Constitution grants many different powers to the president.

1. The Constitution grants many different powers to the president. First, explain the difference between the expressed, implied, inherent, and delegated powers of the presidency.  Next, considering only the expressed powers, which two powers do you think are most essential to a successful presidency?  In other words, if you were the president and you could choose only two expressed powers to do your job, which would you choose and why? Explain. On the flip side, identify and describe one expressed power that you could do without/is less essential to your job.  Explain your choices.  The best answers will briefly describe the specific expressed powers that were selected

2.First, in your own words, define political values and political ideology. Explain the similarities and differences between political values and political ideologies. What is the relationship between these two concepts?  Next, describe the main characteristics and values that define the two dominate ideologies in the United States– liberalism and conservatism. What are the main differences between liberalism and conservatism in terms of their emphasis on core American values?  Finally, evaluate conservatism and liberalism. Points to consider:  What aspects of conservatism do you most agree with?  Which aspects do you least agree with?  What aspects of liberalism do you most agree with?  Which aspects do you least agree with?  Make sure to develop your evaluation, providing specific examples as needed.  

3.There are different criteria for winning an election—majority vote, plurality vote, and proportional vote.  Explain each of these criteria, describing strengths and weaknesses of each criteria.  Of the three of these, which do you think is the best criteria for winning an election to a national legislative body like U.S. Congress?  Explain your answer. 

4.Explain the concept of voter turnout and describe trends in voter turnout over time in the United States. Describe some of the factors that influence rates of voter turnout. Why do voting rates in the United States lag significantly behind those in most other developed countries. What reforms might be pursued in the United States to increase voter turnout in elections? Do you think reforms should be implemented in an effort to increase voter turnout in the United Sates? Please explain your answer.

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