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1) The Midterm Exam is an essay explaining your support

1) The Midterm Exam is an essay explaining your support of a panelist’s view of the criminal Justice system in the YouTube video; Is The Criminal Justice System Racist? A Soho Forum Debate. 

Explain which panelist’s view as to whether The Criminal Justice System Is Racist you support.  You must state the panelist name, their view and explain your support of this view.

This essay must be a minimum of 2 pages.  Points will be deducted if your essay is short of 2 pages.

YouTube Video Link:


Please answer the following questions in reference to Chapter 6. Each question should have a separate response in paragraph format (5-7 sentences).  DO NOT complete one long run-on paragraph while answering the discussion questions.

1. Social work practice is often classified as either micro or macro. Explain what is meant by micro practice and macro practice and why addressing both micro and macro issues is essential to effective social work practice.

2. Describe an ethical challenge that might occur in

(a)practice with individuals and families,

(b)practice with groups, and

(c)practice with communities.

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