10 Steps to an Operating Budget Consider the 10 steps to creating implementing and managing an annual organizationwide operating budget

10 Steps to an Operating Budget
Consider the 10 steps to creating, implementing, and managing an annual organization-wide operating budget outlined by Dropkin, Halpin and LaTouche (2007) in Chapter 12. Identify the two steps that you think will be most difficult for you and provide support for your choices? Which of these steps do you think will be the easiest for you? Select one and explain your decision making rationale?

06/02/2020 – AU Graduate
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Learning Outcomes
The components of an annual organization-wide operating budget will be delineated with emphasis on identifying and evaluating revenue sources and considering the ethical issues involved. You will also continue with Part 2 (Identification of Projected Revenue Sources & Ethical Issues) of your real or hypothetical organization-wide budget for a mental health facility of your choice.
The textbook readings for the week will guide you through the development of an operating budget which you should use as you respond to the 10 steps to an operating budget question. Both the readings and the videos should help you increase your understanding of projecting income and revenues which should prepare you for your written assignment.
Learning Outcomes
Evaluate the steps to creating, implementing, and managing an annual organization-wide operating budget.
Identify projected revenue sources and ethical issues.
Assignment Due Date Format Point Value
10 Steps to an Operating Budget Day 3 (1st post)
Discussion 2
Income and Revenue Projections Day 3 (1st post)
Discussion 2
Self-Assessment None
Quiz/Test 0
Projected Revenue Sources and Ethical Issues Day 7
Assignment 10
1. Textbook:
Dropkin, M., Halpin, J., & LaTouche, B. (2007). The budget-building book for nonprofits (2nd ed.). Jossey-Bass.

Chapter 7: Start with the Budget-Building Checklist

Chapter 8: Designing your Budgeting Policies and Procedures

Chapter 9: Creating your Budgeting Calendar

Chapter 10: Orienting Program and Department Managers and Staff to Budgeting

Chapter 11: Contents of the Annual Budget Preparation Package

Chapter 12: Developing Organization-Wide Operating Budgets

Chapter 13: Developing Operating Budgets for Individual Programs, Units, or Activities
2. Article:
Calley, N. (2009). Comprehensive program development in mental health counseling: Design, implementation, and evaluation. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 31(1), 9-21.
3. Websites:
American Counseling Association, (n.d.). 2014 ACA Code of Ethics Resources. American Counseling Association. Retrieved from https://www.counseling.org/knowledge-center/ethics/code-of-ethics-resources (Links to an external site.)
American Psychological Association. (2017). Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Including 2010 and 2016 Amendments. American Psychological Association. Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/ethics/code2002.html
(Links to an external site.)
4. Videos:
financevideos, [financevideos]. (2008, October 2). What is the income statement? [Video File]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/tDc3KulcE9Q

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