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10272020 First lets look at what SDLC is and the three steps. SDLC stands for systems development life cycle McGonigle

First lets look at what SDLC is and the three steps. SDLC stands for systems development life cycle (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2017). The three steps for developing a system are as follows:
1. Understand the problems or business needs, 2. A Understanding the solution or how to address those needs by developing plan, implementing a plan, and evaluating the implementation, and 3. Maintenance, review, and destruction (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2017). SDLC is a way to deliver efficient and effective information systems that fit with the strategic business plan of an organization (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2017).
When implementing a new system it is important to have nurses on the team to do all three steps. This is an excellent opportunity for the nurse informatics employee to be lead in the team. It would be beneficial to have nurses from patient care, nurse administration, information system personnel, and nurse informatics on the team. Nurses from patient care are important to have on the team because of the importance of the efficiency and effectiveness the system will have on the patient and the nurses using it the most should have a say in the program. “The electronic patient record has become an important aspect in the information workflow, and using information technology will result in improving patient outcome quality and efficiency. Patient documentation is a vital skill in communicating the patients condition and organizing their care according to the patients needs (Cassano,2014).” A nurse informatics should be part of this team because they will have time setting it up and training the nurses on the program, also they should have an expertise of different programs and how they can benefit the nurses and facility. “Many healthcare individuals associate the field of nurse informatics as having two types of roles, the clinician who uses the health information technology and the specialist, who creates, facilitates, tests, and implements new information technology (Cassano, 2014).” Nursing administration should be part of the meetings because they would have an idea about what should be good for their facility and the budgets. Information systems should be part because they will be doing updates and fixing errors and upgrades to the systems along with daily job duties to the system. Technology can benefit and hinder patients, nursing and facilities.
You can have high turnover rates in nursing which can increase budgets with orientation all the time and education, along with bad patient outcomes. Upgrading and bettering your technology can increase communication, better out comes for patients, improved accessibility, decreased human error, positive impact on nursing shortages (Avant,2019). Nurses being part of the team of choosing, educating, implementing a new system also makes the nurses feel invested into the facility and give them ownership this also decreases your turnover rates. The advances in information technology and new devices have improved the quality of life for patients and healthcare professionals alike (Avant,2019).
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