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11/9/2020 Topic: The forum on Greater Equality (This is Test 2 question ) 1/2
The forum on Greater Equality (This is Test 2 question ) 3 3
Read the article Greater Equality in the module 8, and combine the content in Spokesman- Review article Neighborhood matters , link is here:, (,) the pdf file of this Neighbor matters article is also located in module 8 (but maybe it is hard to read because it is made from hard copy). Also read: A critical analysis of the Equality ACT
Think deeply about following questions, choose two out of three in the following to reply, in addition, try to integrate the contents inNeighborhood matters article in the reply of two questions you choose to reply, —-this means to use Neighborhood matters content to support your view.
1. What does the author try to say in this paragraph? —-in Pg. 9, left hand section in the 4th paragraph, the sixth line it says: “People are now more likely to see psycho-social well being as dependent on what can be done at the individual level, using cognitive behavioral therapy—one person at a time—or on providing support in early childhood, or on the reassertion of religious or family values. Every problem is seen as needing its own solution—-unrelated to others. People are encouraged to exercise, not to have unprotected sex, to say no to drugs, to try to relax, to sort out their work-life balance, and to give their children ‘quality’ time. The only thing that many of these policies do have in common is that they often seem to be based on the belief that the poor need to be taught to be more sensible. The glaringly obvious fact that these problems have common roots in inequality and relative deprivation disappears from view. ”
2. What is your spontaneous response to view and solve poverty, crime and health issues? What is this article’s (Greater Equality)perspective to view and solve poverty, crime, health issues? Try to compare yours and the article’s solution in specific way. Summarize the differences or similarities that you and the article have.
3. What did you learn in this article? Or has this article challenged your assumptions of the societys wealth and income distribution issue, or your assumption of the solution to these issues? Reflect on your assumptions. If you say there is not much you learn in this article because you dont trust these data, then provide your evidence/data , with the source of your data, date of publication, etc., provide the perspective you read from credible sources that is opposite to this article i.e. Greater Equality, cite year of publication, where was it published.
If in your reply to two questions from the three listed above, you had shown nothing about what you learned or getting informed from Neighborhood matters article, your grade is going to be negatively affected.,
11/9/2020 Topic: The forum on Greater Equality (This is Test 2 question ) 2/2
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The length of your post of two questions: 150-200 words.
Remember: you need to respond to ONE classmates post, share your thoughts on: what is something valuable you learned or got informed from your classmates, or ask a further question to deepen the discussion. Please pose your post directly on the discussion forum, dont attach a pdf format file on the discussion forum. And post your thoughts to two questions in TWO or THREE separate paragraphs. Dont jam everything in one huge paragraph.

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