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1200 words Management of care: Homeless health barriers public health nursing. Due 11032020. 1. 200 words What are all the

1200 words Management of care: Homeless, health barriers public health nursing. Due 11/03/2020.
1. 200 words– What are all the determinants of health?
2. 200 words — Describe the three social determinants of health. 1. Economic Stability. 2. Education Access and Quality. 3. Health Care Access and Quality.
3. 200 words — What role does the community health nurse play in these health determinants? How can the nurse provide a positive impact and alleviate stress experienced by clients?
4. 200 words — What is the significance and role of each health determinants for community health nursing practice, in regard to the care of homeless individuals and families?
5. 200 words — Give 2 examples of how a community health nurse could support the homeless community, using evidence-based practice.
6. 200 words — Complete an evidence-based practice review of an article that pertains to the homeless population and how health determinants impact them. Summarize what you have learned from this article.
Cite and reference all sources, minimum expectation =
Sources must be 5 years old or less.

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