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1800 Stone Ridge Street Your Street Address Los Angeles, CA 90001 City, State Zip July 4, 2000

1800 Stone Ridge Street Your Street Address
Los Angeles, CA 90001 City, State Zip

July 4, 2000 Month Date, Year

Ms. Michelle Johnson Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. /President Full Name of Recipient
President, Johnson Family Center Title of Recipient, Company Name
344 Western Lane Recipient Street Address
New York, NY 10027 City, State Zip

Dear Ms. Johnson: Dear Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last Name

When using this format, you do not want to indent, margins on all sides should be one-inch. Start
the first paragraph by introducing yourself in a friendly way and then state the purpose of your
letter. Know your audience because it’s very important that you keep their attention. Remember,
you are not writing to yourself, think in term of the recipient and write passionately. Use a
couple of sentences to explain the purpose, but save the detail for the body paragraph(s).

Start the body paragraph by justifying the importance of the main point. In the next few
paragraphs, continue justification with background information and supporting details. Body
paragraphs are where you offer solutions, advices, suggestions, or proposals. Write as many
body paragraphs as you want, however, keep it short and straight to the point, you do not want to
bore the reader to death or look like you’re writing a school essay.

In the closing paragraph, you should restate the purpose of the letter and, in some cases, request
some type of action. Remind the reader where they can contact you and make sure to close the
letter in a friendly manner.

Sincerely, Closing

Leave 4 Spaces and Sign Your Name

Matt Smith Print Your Full Name
Owner, LA Bike Shop Your Title, Company Name

Enclosures (3) Attachment: Use Enclosure or Enclosures (#)

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