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3 Practical Classroom Examples of Social Learning Theory Assignment


3 Practical Classroom Examples of Social Learning Theory Assignment . This assignment follows the theorist graphic organizer assignment. There are links below that correlate. It is to be created in a way that would be an example in an everyday classroom setting. Real life stuff. MODULE EXPLANATION: This module is about Social Learning Theory. Social Learning Theory is based upon the belief that people learn best from other people and people learn best along with other people. We are definitely social creatures. But how does this fact affect learning and teaching? I think that with behaviorism and constructivism, we leave out this influence of social interaction. Learning might take place within the individual, but no person is an island. ASSIGNMENT EXPLANATION: 1. Look at the screencast on Social Learning Theory. It covers some pretty “way out there” experiments that likely would not be allowed today. But the screencast also shows the power of social interaction on our behavior and our learning. 2. Then look at some more videos. The Harlow video is pretty sad but it shows the importance of social interaction and nurturing. but it is absolutely a true story. The second video with bandura and the Bobo toy is pretty relevant given the recent violence in society. The third video is more fun but does show the influence of kids trying to mimic what they see. VIDEO RESOURCES IN ADDITION TO ATTACHED FILES: 

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Assignment Outline