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Evidence-based strategies assist you in meeting 


Being a DNP includes using evidence-based communication skills, change processes, and interventions.  For this week, please use and reference readings from your current and previous courses (or use readings outside of the courses that you believe are relevant) and address from your current field experience:

By tomorrow Wednesday 09/25/19 at 14:00 , write a minimum of 550 words essay in APA format with at least three scholarly references that include the level one headers as numbered below:

1.  What evidence-based communication skills, change processes, and interventions are you using to guide your work in the field experience? Please be complete and provide at least 2 examples of how you are using these practices.

2.  How does the use of these evidence-based strategies assist you in meeting

a) DNP essentials (be specific as to which essentials); and

b) your objectives (also please be specific) (see attached file for my objectives).

3.  If this is not your first field experience, please compare and contrast what you are seeing this term versus last terms.

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