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Important skills in scientific analysis

Critically discuss the IMPACT molecular technologies have had on the diagnosis, prognosis and selection of optimal treatment for patients with ONE of the following cancers. Colon. Breast. Blood. Prostate. To achieve this specific objective students are expected to establish the following subheadings in their assessments. Different malignancies for the selected cancer. Molecular pathology of the selected cancer. Molecular diagnostic method. Prognosis . Treatment. Future of molecular diagnostic in the cancer. More details will be provided during the first week of session. Rationale back to top This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to describe the molecular basis of human diseases be able to evaluate the theory of precision/personalised medicine and discuss the translational aspects of molecular pathology be able to critically evaluate the scientific literature and demonstrate important skills in scientific analysis and communication Marking criteria and standards back to top The specific assessment criteria are as follows: Accuracy of content relevant to the set topic; Evidence of critical analysis of the scientific literature Evidence of the use of CURRENT reference material; Correct spelling, grammar and overall literature review structure & presentation; Clarity of expression and logical flow of information; Conformity to the word limit(500 words +/-5 % ); Conformity to the APA referencing system.

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