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Write your own individual essay

  1. Apologetics      Research Essay. Topic: “The existence of God”

You must write your own individual essay answering a major apologetic question.

You must write from the viewpoint of one of the four primary apologetic approaches. You may not write your paper from an Integrative approach. It is not necessary that you agree wholeheartedly with the apologetic approach. You must necessarily be consistent in your apologetic approach in the paper. Prove your answer in the body of your text, and then summarize your reasoning in your conclusion.

Requirements for the paper.

· The paper must be a minimum of 2000 wordsexcluding the title page, notes, and references (if given).

· The paper must be a proper essay.

o A title page, Thesis and proper introduction, body, and conclusion of the paper are required.

o This paper must be an essay; it must prove a point.

o The paper must focus on apologetics (not another discipline such as Leadership or Theology) and your research from scholarly apologetic sources.

· You must write your paper in proper essay format, with a clear thesis and a section of conclusion. You should include section headings and transitional sentences or paragraphs between sections. The font must be 12 point Times New Roman. The paper itself should be double-spacedTurabian Bibliography style format.

· The paper must cite a minimum of 3 scholarly apologetic sources other than the texts used for this class. Use the notes and bibliographies in Boa and Bowman, Stackhouse, or Dembski.

o The major focus of this paper is your research. Papers that rely primarily on course textbooks will receive a deduction in grade.

o In all forms, books, collections of essays or journal articles are preferred.

o Points will be deducted from the paper for using sources that are not scholarly.

o All dictionaries are considered poor sources for this assignment. Note the books cited by the article, then go and research from themYou must cite the page numbers used.

· All web-based sources are forbidden for this assignment.

· Please remember that endnotes are not acceptable for this assignment.

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