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4 part mini paper: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS- Does not have

4 part mini paper: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS– Does not have to adhere to APA and can single space to save pages for Questions 1-3. Reflection is 2 page minimum with APA standards. 

 Question 1:  Explain personal financial management and why it is important to your professional success. What tips could you give to a colleague who may be struggling with personal financial management? 200 words  
  Question 2:  Explain one of your goals using the specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) method. What is one area of strength and one area of weakness of your goal? What can you do to improve the weakness you identified? 200 words  
  Question 3:  How would you describe your own personal learning style, and how does it affect your ability to communicate and remain professional in the workplace?  200 words  

Reflection:  Instructions  The first step in dealing with stress is to identify the contributing factors. Briefly describe two stressors that you face in your professional life that interfere with your ability to manage time effectively. If you are not currently employed, you may use your school life. Explain the cause of these stressors and how they impact your life and time management. Please be specific in your explanations.  Next, consider the eight ways to overcome stress. Explain at least three of these tips, and include the ways you can use them in your life to better handle your stress and better manage your time.  Conclude your reflection paper with what you learned about yourself through this process.  Your complete reflection paper must be at least two pages in length.  Include in-text citations and references for all sources, if used.  

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