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640 Project 1 Cybersecurity

Project 1: Investigation Considerations “What is it with these detectives? They think they can just dump stuff on our desks and expect us to make heads or tails of it!” “I’ll need a lot more information than this before I can process these computers!” “Let’s see…is that everybody? I need to get this meeting on folks’ calendars right away, so I can start my investigation. While I’m waiting, I’ll draw up an agenda and a list of questions that need to be answered.” “OK, that’s a good start! I’m sure other topics will come up during the meeting.”

“That meeting was a big help! Now I can create a list of resources that I’ll need for the investigation. Let’s see…..” “The team is also going to want to know what to expect as far as timeline, budget, responsibilities, and so on. A project management diagram should help. I’ll sketch it out now and get it to them A.S.A.P. so we can get started!”

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Assignment Outline