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A comparative Review of Materials Acquisition in Supply Chain Management

For this assignment, you will prepare a comprehensive research paper on a topic or question of interest to you related to any aspect of supply chain management or logistics. Use the prescribed textbook’s table of contents to get some ideas for topical areas that might interest you to pursue further research. Important – After selecting a topic of interest, you must coordinate your topical selection with your Instructor before proceeding with the paper. Send an email to notify your instructor of your chosen topic and to obtain concurrence.


Complete this requirement during the first week in order to allow sufficient time to perform the necessary scholarly research, identify your authoritative resources, and discover sufficient evidentiary support in order to write the research paper. You must provide documented objective evidence (i.e., evidential support) from the published literature to augment and support your research paper. Your double-spaced document should be a minimum of fifteen (15) pages, but should not exceed twenty (20) pages of actual material content (i.e., not counting any title page, abstract page, table of contents, or your list of resources at the end of the document). You should provide at least eight (08) to ten (10) authoritative resources from the published literature. Obviously, you can cite and reference the prescribed textbook:

Supply Management by Burt, Petcavage, and Pinkerton as one of your required authoritative resources. Prepare your research paper using the APA writing format for your in-text parenthetical citations and your References list of sources at the end of your document. There are many Internet websites and online resources to help you with correct formatting. Note: Check first with your Instructor if you prefer to use MLA as your writing format. Your research paper should consist of: • A title page (omit if using MLA) • An abstract or an executive summary of the materials to be presented in the document • A transitional introductory section • A literature review of the available published literature on your chosen topic (from your scholastic research on the topic) • An analysis or discussion section – here you may provide personal perspectives and experiential learning from the workplace, as appropriate, in addition to materials from your chosen resources • A conclusion or summary section including any future prospects or probable evolution of your chosen topic • A complete list of all authoritative resources used in the research paper (i.e., APA = References, MLA = Works Cited

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