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A project to introduce electronic clinical records to improve drug errors in an acute ward

The effect of the controlled entry ofelectronicprescribing and medicines administration on the quality of prescribing, safety and success of administration on anacutemedicalward:Almond M;Gordon K;Kent JR;Jones BW;Nice SW;Dhillon S.British Journal of Healthcare Computing & Information Management(BR J HEALTHC COMPUT INF MANAGE), 2002 Mar; 19(2): 41-46. (5p) Estimating impacts on safety caused by the introduction ofelectronicmedicalrecordsin primary care:Singh R;Servoss T;Kalsman M;Fox C;Singh G; Informatics in Primary Care, Dec2004; 12(4): 235-241. 7p. (Journal Article – research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1476-0320 PMID: 15808025 Impact of electronic prescribing on patient safety in hospitals: implications for the UK:Clinical Pharmacist5 MAY 2016ByZamzam Ahmed,Sara Garfield,Yogini Jani,Seetal Jheeta,Bryony Dean Franklin Medication errors: the importance of an accurate drug history:Richard J FitzGerald ( This article includes statistics). Improving the safety and efficiency of nurse medication rounds through the introduction of an automated dispensing cabinet: Alan Cottney East London NHS Foundation Trust Facilitators and Barriers to Safe Medication Administration to Hospital Inpatients: A Mixed Methods Study of Nurses Medication Administration Processes and Systems (the MAPS Study):Monsey McLeod1 , Nicholas Barber2 , Bryony Dean Franklin1 * 1 The Centre for Medication Safety and Service Quality, Pharmacy Department, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom, and the Research Department of Practice and Policy, UCL School of Pharmacy, London, United Kingdom, 2 The Health Foundation, London, United Kingdom 

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