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AACN Essential Self Assessment

Week 2: AACN Essentials Self-Assessment and Patient-Centered Care

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Download the Week 2 Self-Assessment of the AACN Essentials (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Follow the directions on the form. Note your total score. Next, review this article:

Kramer, M., Schmalenberg, C., Maguire, P., Brewer, B., Burke, R., Chmielewski, L., … Meeks-Sjostrom, D. (2009). Walk the talk: Promoting control of nursing practice and a patient-centered culture. Critical Care Nurse, 29(3), 77–93.  to an external site.)Links to an external site.

After you have completed your self-assessment, answer the following questions:

  1. If you are willing, please share your total score on the AACN Essentials Self-Assessment. If you do not wish to share your score, give a general description of your current KSA levels.
  2. Candidly identify and share with your classmates areas where knowledge, skills or abilities (KSAs) are lacking?
  3. Describe the relationship between the AACN Essentials and your new-found knowledge about Patient Centered Care. Are there opportunities for you to improve?

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As a medical professor, it is essential to assess the level of knowledge, skills, and abilities of the medical college students periodically. This helps us to understand the gaps in their learning and identify areas that need improvement. The following are my answers to the questions posed in Week 2 of the AACN Essentials Self-Assessment and Patient-Centered Care assignment.

1) My total score on the AACN Essentials Self-Assessment is 94. I believe that my KSA levels are good, but there is always room for improvement.

2) One area where I lack knowledge is in understanding the different cultural practices related to healthcare. As healthcare providers, it is essential to be aware of the cultural practices of our patients to provide holistic care.

3) The AACN Essentials promote patient-centered care by emphasizing the need to provide care that is respectful, compassionate, and culturally sensitive. This new-found knowledge about patient-centered care has helped me understand the importance of involving patients in their care and addressing their preferences and needs. There are opportunities for me to improve by enhancing my communication skills with patients and their families and understanding their values, beliefs, and cultural practices.

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