Adult Development and Aging

Adult Development and Aging

Relationships Chart

Directions: Describe the effect each relationship has on the emotional well-being of an individual. Use in-text citations with proper APA formatting. List all references used in your research.


Positive impact on emotional well-being

Negative impact on emotional well-being

Techniques on improving the relationship

(must be research based)

How to navigate the relationship

(must be research based)


Child going to College

Single Parent

Now choose two more relationships from the list below, place both of them in the chart, and complete each heading.

· Marriage

· Caring for an aging parent

· Grandparenting

· Remaining Single

· Adopting a child

· Fostering a child

· Sibling conflict

· Two working parents

· Marital conflict

· Divorce with no children

· Divorce with children

· Remarriage with children (blended family)


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