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Air Transportation

Compare and contrast the ‘hub and spoke’ and the ‘direct’ (sometimes called point to point) routing systems used by the major US air carriers. Sections of the paper should include: 1. Introduction — What event did you choose and why was it theoretically interesting? 2. Relevant theories — Which theories did you choose for your “short list” and why? 3. Event description — What happened? 4. Theory selection — Which theory “fits” the event best? Why? What makes the theory you chose better than your other options? Explain the theory in this section. 5. Theory evaluation — What are this theory’s strengths in helping you to observe, describe and explain the event? Would the theory help you predict what might happen in similar events in the future? How so? 6. Critique — What are the limitations of your observation? What are the limitations of the theory? What ideas for further research and theory-building do these limitations introduce?

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Assignment Outline