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Allocating Resources to Effectively Manage Programs and Facilities

PART 1: Go to the “Budget” document. Find the tab “Budget for Next Year.” Locate the balance for next year (line 42). Set tuition fees for each program for the upcoming year by typing each fee into the appropriate green cell. Be sure the balance for next year exceeds the balance for this year to account for the changes that come with expanding your early childhood care center. (The balance for this year can be found on line 40 on the tab called “Budget for This Year.”) Submit 1–2 pages explaining the following: The impact of tuition changes on the program and on the families it serves How you will spend this money to manage the facilities and contribute to a safe and positive learning environment for the children enrolled at your early childhood care center PART 2: Notice the change in staff and salary in this year’s budget and next year’s budget. Using both budgets, write 2–3 paragraphs explaining the staff and salary changes that were made and infer the reasons why. You anticipate 125 children will be enrolled in the new facility. Using the “Labor Scheduling” document, develop a daily schedule of labor for the entire early childhood care center that adheres to the recommended adult-child ratios provided in the “Adult-Child Ratios” document. Note that the Monday schedules for three floaters are given. Use the following information to create the schedule: The center is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Staff in full-time positions work 40 hours per week. Staff in part-time positions work as needed for the early childhood care center but no more than 30 hours per week. Floaters are not assigned to specific rooms. (They may provide support in the toddler rooms, the pre-school rooms, and the pre-K rooms as necessary.) Review the number of staff in the “Budget for Next Year” and the labor schedule you developed in Step 2. Write 2–3 paragraphs explaining any changes you would make to the staffing projections to adhere to the adult-child ratios found in the “Adult-Child Ratios” document. According to your budget, you decided to save money on custodial services by hiring a contractor instead of a full-time custodian. Write a 1-page paper describing the role and responsibilities of the custodian and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of using a contractor instead of using someone on the payroll. PART 3: Use the “USDA Choose My Plate” website to describe how you will manage the nutrition program at Sunny Skies Day Care. Your 3- to 4-page description should include the following: An explanation of your personnel needs and the responsibilities of your food service personnel A sample 1-week menu plan that includes an explanation of how it adheres to nutritional guidelines An explanation of how you will meet health regulations and accommodate special diets



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