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AMU SNOMED CT Clinical Data Standardization Report

You are working for a physician who asks you to link a series of the SNOMED CT concept codes to ICD codes. Using the I-MAGIC mapping tool, complete the table to map the codes.


In a 2-page report:

  • Assess the use of SNOMED-CT codes.
  • Explain the use of SNOMED-CT and its benefits.
  • Describe the importance of mapping to ICD-10-CM.
  • Compare the similarities and differences of terminologies and classifications, including SNOMED and ICD-10-CM.
  • Explain the relationships to database management, data dictionaries, and data governance.

SNOMED Concept

(enter this term to search)


ICD-10-CM Code

ICD-10-CM Code Name

Urinary incontinence


Postoperative abdominal pain

H/O: diabetes mellitus

(history of diabetes)

Postpartum headache

Submit your map and report.

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