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An analysis of the impact of macro and social trends on fashion trends within a given decade and their continuing significance for contemporary fashion trends.

 Assessment 2 : Essay (1,500 words) (worth 60%) An analysis of the impact of macro and social trends on fashion trends within a given decade and their continuing significance for contemporary fashion trends. Essay Brief: I)Select a Fashion decade from mid to the latter part of the 20th Century (1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980s or 1990’s). Analyse the key macro factors and social trends impacting one of the key global Fashion capitals (New York, Paris, Milan, or London) during your chosen decade. II) evaluate 3 fashion influencers from that period and show their impact on fashion trends during the period selected. (These might be fashion designers, celebrities or other public figures whose influence made a significant impact on fashion design and styling which was worn during this time.) III)Assess the impact historical fashion trends from your chosen decade may have had on ONE KEY contemporary fashion trend. You can look back to within 3 years or consider emerging trends for next year. IV) Consider current macro and social trends and current key influencers that may have contributed to the re-emergence of the trend and show how/where the trend has emerged (catwalk, street, social media for example).Contextualize the trend emergence through theoretical frameworks discussed in class. You may want to evaluate the impact of one (or more) of the following macro influences: – technology and globalization, – economic growth/turmoil – political or social change (or conflict). – gender and body politics, – sexual politics and identity – ethnicity – cultural and media influences All have impacted fashion designers and trend influencers to a greater or lesser degree at different points in history and continue to do so in varying degrees. Evaluating how these factors have worked historically to impact on fashion trends and clothing production will enable you to be more skilled in judging how they might impact fashion trends and the fashion industry in the future. Your essay should be structured in the usual manner with an Introduction, a central analysis and a conclusion. It should be fully referenced using the Harvard System. Images may be included within the body of text if necessary for your analysis. Additional images should be included in an Appendix. Submission of Work Guidelines ” Your essay must be word processed and one and a half spaced in font size 11. ” All coursework on this module is submitted via Blackboard only using Turnitin UK ” It will automatically be scanned through a text matching system (designed to check for possible plagiarism). ” DO NOT attach a CA1 form or any other form of cover sheet ” You must comply with the max word count (+ or -10%). Charts, tables, referencing etc. are not included in the word count. The definition of a table or chart is that they are analysis tools and must only contain diagrams or up to 100 words which are to be included in the form of bullet points. A SWOT must be limited to 100 words per box so this would equal 400 words in total. Failure to comply with the stated work count will result in your work being penalised and will result in marks being awarded only for the part of the report that falls within the specified word count.

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