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Analyzing an Organization’s major Human Resources Processes –

 For this assignment you need to select an organization for which you currently work or have previously worked. It may be helpful to interview a human resource manager at the organization. If you have yet to work for an organization, you may interview a friend or family member about an organization for which they are familiar. The purpose of the assignment is for you to analyze and explain how specific human resources processes are implemented within the chosen organization. Consider how the organization addresses the following: 1.How the organization determines its workforce capabilities and capacity needs including skills, competencies and staffing levels. 2.How the organization recruits employees including from both external sources as well as internal employees (for advancement etc.) 3.The process(es) the organization uses for hiring the employees. This may include testing, interviewing and other such activities. 4.The processes used for training and developing an employee once hired. 5.The processes used for evaluating the performance of employees. Explain the various processes in enough detail so that the reader will understand the major steps and activities associated with each of the above. Post your answers to this Analyzing an Organization’s major Human Resources Processes discussion forum. Once you have posted your assignment, read and respond to at least one other student’s posting( I WILL SEND IT AS ADDITIONAL MATERIALS TO YOU). Provide feedback to the student on how he/she addressed each of the areas.

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