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Anatomical Structure or Physiological Process

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation reviewing any normal, healthy anatomical structure or physiological process that we have covered in this class (this includes the endocrine system covered in Session 9, integumentary system, skeletal, muscular). Your presentation must consist of 5 slides; these slides do not include your title slide or references (in APA style).

Within the body of your presentation, please include a discussion of each of the following topics: microscopic/cellular/biochemical processes or anatomy gross anatomy the physiology involved how your topic relates to homeostasis and other body systems the pathophysiology of one known disease that results from dysfunction of the chosen structure or process The slides may contain any material that communicates your content in an orderly and coherent manner (e.g., tables, figures, diagrams, bulleted text, etc.). For each slide compose a narrative that would be spoken if the slides were presented orally. Write the narratives in the notes field of each slide.

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Assignment Outline