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Ancient and early christian Rome

 write a one page single spaced RDQ on the following readings and film R – What “resonates” with you? What one thing or idea sticks out in your mind? D – What have you read or seen that you “disagree” with and why? Q – What “question” do you have about the material you’ve read or the film you’ve viewed? I will send you the readings but not the film. The Secrets of Rome, Chapter V, “A House All of Gold,” (pp. 123-151). The Smiles of Rome, “Who Killed Daisy Miller?” Christopher Woodward (pp. 59-69), “St. Peter” from The First Letter of Peter, (pp.73-76), “St. Paul, from The Letter of Paul to the Church in Rome” (pp. 82-86) and The Secrets of Rome, “Preamble in Two Scenes” (pp. 1-11); Chapter I, “Between Time and Space,” (pp. 13-42). and The Smiles of Rome Introduction “Introduction“, (XIII-XVIII); “Elizabeth Bowen, “The Palatine Hill” (pp 5-14); “The Pantheon,” “Hadrian’s Tomb,” “Hadrian’s Villa” from Memoirs of Hadrian, Marguerite Yourcenar (pp. 47-58) and film: Building Wonders: Colosseum, Episode 1 (2015) in-class documentary and film: Gladiator, Ridley Scott (2000)

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