Another name for diazepam is

89.   Data stored in a health care facility must

A. comply with HIPAA rules and must be maintained securely.   B. adhere to OIG policies and procedures.   C. be organized in accordance with state standards for electronic data interchange.   D. conform to the physician’s expectations for data storage.


90.   Health care practitioners who submit fraudulent bills to increase reimbursement may

A. be blacklisted according to geographic location.   B. be listed in the Coding Directory of Fraudulent Billing published annually by the Department of Health and Human Services.   C. be reported to the Office of the Attorney General.   D. face financial penalties or, in some cases, imprisonment.


91.   Which of the following anesthesia modifiers indicates a normal, healthy patient?

A. P3   B. P1   C. P4   D. P2


92.   When coding burns, coders should

A. classify all burns as acute burns.   B. assign separate codes for each burn site.   C. assign the code for third-degree burns.   D. assign the code for chronic burns.


93.   A 65-year-old patient is admitted to the hospital for 48 hours to receive treatment from her physician. This patient would be covered under

A. Medicare Part D.   B. Medicare Part A.   C. Medicare Part B.   D. Medicare Part C.


94.   A patient comes to the clinic complaining of ongoing headaches. The headaches began one week prior and have persisted ever since. A lumbar spinal tap is performed to pinpoint the source of the patient’s headaches. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?

A. 62270, G44.1   B. 62270, G74.3   C. 62141, G46.8   D. 62272, G46.9


95.   What code would be assigned for a tube pericardiostomy?

A. 33210   B. 33026   C. 33015   D. 33050


96.   What is the code description for 65101-LT?

A. Removal of ocular implant performed laterally   B. Fine needle aspiration of orbital contents on the left third of the orbit   C. Biopsy of cornea performed on the lower third of the cornea   D. Enucleation of eye, without implant, performed on the left side of the body


97.   Another name for diazepam is

A. Flexeril.   B. Valium.   C. Norflex.   D. Myolastan.


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