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ANOVA Bob often downloads movies online. Based on his experience,


Bob often downloads movies online. Based on his experience, Bob felt that the download speed varied depending on the time of the day. He wanted to test his hunch by downloading one gigabyte of data three different times throughout the day: early (7AM), evening (5 PM), and late evening (12 AM). Use the attached data (“Time of Day and Download Speed”) Time of Day and Download Speed.sav to analyze the Bob’s findings.

  • What is the research question?
  • What is the null hypothesis?
  • What is the research hypothesis? (Non-Directional)
  • Basic descriptive analysis of the variables used (e.g., mean, median, SD, range, etc.) in a paragraph form. (Don’t just include a number of SPSS tables and not talk about it.)
  • State the rationale for using analysis of variance (ANOVA) in this investigation using appropriate readings and resources in Module 7. (Please cite specific references.)

Write out the results in an APA format. (Example here: ANOVA Example.pdf)

Please include appropriate tables (as seen in the example above) from the SPSS output used in your analyses.

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Assignment Outline