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Answer the following questions in your discussion post: 1. What


Answer the following questions in your discussion post:

1. What kinds of diversity do you believe strengthens a group or organization? Why?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a diverse work team?


When hiring new employees in a new business, diversity would be a significant priority on a list of other considerations due to the following reasons; such as inspired creativity, driven innovation, enhancing competitiveness that increases profitability, retaining suitable talents, maintaining targeted markets, growing opportunities for personal and professional growth.  

  Different cultural perspectives drive innovation and inspire individual creativity compared to other aspects. In most cases, culture influences how individuals view the world. However, one can use diversity in hiring new employees in a new business as it breeds creativity and enhances innovation which can be used in solving problems to meet the needs of each customer in the industry. Various market insights and knowledge play a significant role in making a business more profitable and competitive. A multicultural workforce leads to a positive impact on new businesses while expanding into new markets. This can be made possible by being more diverse during the hiring process. 

 Various aspects of diversity help new businesses to reach new markets. Some of these aspects include insights among individuals, local knowledge regarding how to run new businesses, and cultural sensitivity. By hiring employees from different ethnic backgrounds, new companies become more diverse, which leads to Success in the market. When one draws from a culturally diverse talent pool, the organization can attract and retain talented employees. Diversity in religion, ethnicity, and gender improves retention and reduces employee turnover costs.

 On the other hand, employees remain loyal in organizations that are more diverse as they feel respected and valued within the organization. Diversity gives a person a chance to grow personally or professionally as one can learn more about working together as a team and the importance of diversity in the workplace. In most cases, working across various cultures gives a person a chance to learn more about other traditions and perspectives, which can help one become a global citizen and avoid any form of discrimination within the workplace.  


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