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Anthropology [Key concept of ethnology ]

Description the case studies contain three questions each question explained in a paragraph form most of the answers should come from the articles and creative thinking Please, this is not a sociology course, some of the questions may relate, but we are advised not to use sociology concept but anthropology. when answering question one, we are encouraged to discuss more Emile Durkheim Approach on the Meta concepts, and we include examples of people he used in his definition. I’m sending two articles which the answers need to reflect on. Explaining the social fact, we are advised to discuss, What is Durkheim going against from the article question 3 in the structural-functionalism details to talk about: kinship, political, economic and religion economic part-female traded for productive labour, trading women for marriage what is Evans Pritchard approach religion – talking about their belief political- talk about rules and the distribution of power we advised talking about people like Bronislaw Malinowski Alfred Rediff the point form answering the question should be in a paragraph form

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Assignment Outline