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Application of Motivational Interviewing In Healthcare Settings Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

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Watch the video and answer the question  

What impresses or distresses you the most about motivational interviewing and why?   Do you think doctors and other health care providers can actually use this approach and why or why not? 

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Motivational interviewing is a therapeutic approach that aims to facilitate behavior change by helping individuals explore and resolve ambivalence regarding their health-related goals and decisions. It involves a person-centered and collaborative style of communication, focusing on eliciting the individual’s own motivations and strategies for change. In this discussion, we will explore the aspects of motivational interviewing that impress or distress us, as well as its potential applicability for doctors and other healthcare providers.

Motivational interviewing impresses me the most due to its emphasis on empowering individuals and promoting their autonomy. Unlike traditional approaches that may be authoritative or directive, motivational interviewing fosters a collaborative and empathetic environment. By actively listening to patients’ concerns, aspirations, and hesitations, healthcare providers can better understand their motivations and help them explore internal resources for change. This approach acknowledges individuals as experts in their own lives and encourages their active involvement in the decision-making process.

Furthermore, motivational interviewing’s emphasis on non-judgmental communication distresses me in some cases. As healthcare providers, we are trained to provide evidence-based guidance and interventions. However, motivational interviewing requires us to suspend our own biases and avoid imposing our judgments on patients. While this aspect may be challenging, it is crucial for building a trusting relationship and supporting patient-centered care. It requires practitioners to let go of their own agenda and truly respect the autonomy and self-determination of their patients.

I firmly believe that doctors and other healthcare providers can effectively use motivational interviewing. This approach aligns with the current shift towards patient-centered care, where the patient’s values, preferences, and goals are essential considerations in decision-making. By engaging in motivational interviewing, healthcare providers can strengthen their relationships with patients, enhance patient satisfaction, and improve treatment outcomes. Furthermore, motivational interviewing can be particularly beneficial when managing behaviors such as smoking cessation, diet and exercise changes, medication adherence, and managing chronic conditions.

Nonetheless, integrating motivational interviewing into everyday clinical practice may require additional training and practice for healthcare providers. Developing the necessary skills to effectively implement this approach, such as active listening, open-ended questioning, and reflective statements, requires ongoing education and professional development. However, the potential benefits of utilizing motivational interviewing in healthcare outweigh the challenges, making it a valuable tool for healthcare providers in promoting behavior change and improving patient outcomes.

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