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Applied Research Project: Applied Research Project: Mock Research Design

Description Instructions In Part 1 of this assignment you began to develop the information that typically appears in Chapter 1 of a research project. Earlier in this course you developed an annotated bibliography, which aligns with the type of information usually found in a typical Chapter 2 of a research project. In this assignment you will continue to imagine the components of a typical research project based on your research topic and summarize how you would craft Chapters 3, 4, and 5. Methods (Chapter 3) Data Collection/Analysis (Chapter 4) Conclusions, including limitations and recommendations for future research. (Chapter 5) This assignment should be 3-5 written pages, following APA formatting, and include a minimum of 3 references. Include a table of survey questions (if you were to use a quantitative approach) or a table of interview questions (if you were to use a qualitative approach) or a combination of the two if you were to use a mixed methods approach.

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Assignment Outline