Appropriately by summarizing the purpose

  • -The introduction develops the context of the reading appropriately by summarizing the purpose and main argument of “Blue-Collar Brilliance” and “Shop Class as Soulcraft” (in no more than a few sentences) and identifying the intended audience for each text (in no more than a few sentences).
  • -The purpose of the rhetorical analysis (stated in the essay’s thesis) clearly demonstrates an understanding of the assignment’s goal to compare 1-2 rhetorical strategies used by the authors of “Blue-Collar Brilliance” and “Shop Class as Soulcraft.” The focus of the rhetorical analysis remains on supporting the stated purpose throughout the essay.
  • -The body of the rhetorical analysis reveals analytical claims about the authors’ uses of rhetorical strategies.
  • -The body of the rhetorical analysis integrates a variety of textual evidence into the text. The textual evidence supports the essay’s stated purpose.
  • -The body of the rhetorical analysis explains and interprets the strategies and textual evidence, and the explanations and interpretations support the essay’s stated purpose.
  • -The rhetorical analysis is mostly free of sentence-level errors. It is formatted in MLA style, uses in-text citations, and includes a Works Cited page.
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