As explained by Dean

As explained by Dean, J. K., Falkner, A. Z., Green, S., Helbig, J., & Whitney, S. (2018), a conceptual model identifies how a theory is put together. It defines the given theory. A nursing theory is then defined as ideals that are organized and explain why certain things happen and are backed by experiences and research.

A theory that stood out to me, is Sister Callista’s adaptation theory. This theory states that in order to have a positive outcome or response to a change in one’s normal environment, one must be able to adapt to the changes at hand (Dean, J. K., Falkner, A. Z., Green, S., Helbig, J., & Whitney, S. (2018)). Without being able to adapt, many things can be affected and thus change the outcome of the situation.

One way this theory would be effective in managing patient care, is the patient’s adaptation skills could impact patient care in a positive way. For example, if a patient who underwent a bilaterally knee amputation had the outlook that they would be able to care for themselves after healing, they may be more apt to participate in their care. Many psychosocial, emotional, and physical barriers would have to be addressed, but if the patient was willing to do what they needed to in order to adapt to the change, the nursing care would not be hindered and the patient outcome would be positive. However, if the patient is not willing to change and adapt, the likelihood for poor outcome, depression, and failure to thrive would hinder the ability for the nurse to effectively take care of all of the patient’s needs.

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