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Assignment 2 Click the following link: https:www.legacee.comtypesofleadershipstylesLinks to an external site. Links to an external site.Read the article and the

Assignment #2
Click the following link:
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)Read the article and the various descriptions of leadership styles.
Leadership Styles
The Facilitative (Democratic/Participative
(Links to an external site.)) Leader
Bureaucratic Leadership Style
Paternalistic and Maternalistic Leadership
Coaching Style
Transactional Leadership
Emergent Leadership
Situational Leadership
Military Leadership
Servant Leadership
Transformational Leadership
Charismatic Leadership
Next, pick one of the leadership styles that makes the most sense to you. Which one describes a style of leadership you could see yourself utilizing?
Once your have chosen your style, do a web search and learn some more about that particular style of leadership. Who first developed it? What are its merits? Describe the style in your own words.
Be sure to cite the resources you are using in your paper.
Lastly, tell me why this style makes the most sense for you? Why did you choose it?
Your paper should be roughly 2/3 content describing what you learned about the style and 1/3 why you choose that particular style as your focus.
Formatting Requirements (worth 10
% of the grade):
Include a header with your name, course name and date
Minimum one page with 250+ words
Use MLA formatting:
(Links to an external site.)
Double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman
Grades will be based on thoughtfulness and completeness of your reflection. Excellent papers stay on topic and thoroughly address the prompt. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will also be factors in your grade so be sure to proof read your work before submitting.

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