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ASSIGNMENT 7 REL3851.E1 Family Relations Read Balswick Fourth Edition Part 7 chapters 19 and 20 and answer the following questions.

REL3851.E1 Family Relations
Read Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 7 (chapters 19 and 20) and answer the following questions. Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions.
1. What do you think the authors mean by “the erosion of biblical truth” in their title of Chapter 19?
2. What is “modernity” and why is it challenging? What is the meaning of “post-modern?” Pages 339-341
3. Define and summarize the four dimensions of sociocultural life. Pages 342-343
4. Explain the dilemmas and false hopes that modernity often brings upon the family? Pages 346-352
5. Discuss whether and how a family might escape the bondage of commodities. Pages 352-359
6. Explain the possible reconstruction of community in relationship to family life. Pages 360-361
7. What is the importance of revitalized communication and consciousness? Pages 361-362
8. What support structures are helpful to ensure solid family life? Pages 363-369.
Traditionally, most churches have taken a very hard stand on the subject of divorce and remarriage, even forbidding remarriage and denying membership to people with “tainted” marital backgrounds. In a previous chapter (pages 311-312) the authors make a statement on the Christian approach to divorce. Discuss how Christians and churches as communities should respond to divorce, both among their members and those seeking membership. (This answer should be longer than the others)

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