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Assignment Content Helping young children learn about themselves, each other, and

Assignment Content

  1. Helping young children learn about themselves, each other, and the concept of community, as well as gaining social skills and understanding, requires the knowledge of social studies content and a solid grasp of child development. In this assignment, you will explore the standards, theoretical perspectives, and developmental considerations for early childhood social studies education.

    Review the following:

    • National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers from NCSS
    • Arizona History and Social Science Standards from the Arizona Department of Education
    • Early Learning Program Accreditation from NAEYC
    • Research an early childhood social studies lesson plan that meets the following criteria:
    • Addresses one of the following NCSS standards:
    • Content Knowledge
    • Application of Content Through Planning
    • Design and Implementation of Instruction and Assessment
    • Social Studies Learners and Learning
    • Professional Responsibility and Informed Action
    • Addresses one or more state standard(s), at the grade level you wish to teach, in one of the four core disciplines of social studies:
    • Civics
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • History
    • Write a 2- to 2 ½-page analysis of the lesson in which you:
    • Describe the lesson, including the source, topic, learning objectives, and activities.
    • Evaluate the alignment of the state content standard(s), social studies discipline, and the content of the lesson.
    • Explain how the lesson addresses the NCSS standards.
    • Explain how the lesson supports the expectations of the NAEYC for early childhood social studies education.
    • Explain the significant theoretical perspectives in early childhood social studies instruction related to this lesson.
    • Justify the developmental appropriateness of the lesson.
    • Recommend additions or changes to the lesson with supporting reasoning.
    • Compile the following for submission:
    • Copy of the lesson plan
    • Analysis
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