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assignment one Due Thursday In our discussion last week, we


assignment one

Due Thursday 

In our discussion last week, we considered the many societal groups we belong to and how those groups and others, at both the micro- and macro-level, contribute to a complex society. Not all groups are perceived or treated equally in our society. Like other social issues, inequality can be explored with sociological theory.

As you prepare for this discussion, have in mind a social situation in the U.S. where inequality plays a role. Put on your ‘sociologist hat’ and consider the sociological theories we talked about last week as you approach these questions. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Summarize the situation where inequality appears. Do you consider this a micro- or macro-level social issue?
  • Which institutions or groups are negatively affected by the inequality?
  • Which social institutions or groups are involved in creating or promoting this inequality? Provide some examples.
  • What sociological theory or theories might be used to help generate solutions to this inequality?

assignment two



Assignment Content

  1. Your experience with inequality has formed part of your personal identity. If we want to develop impartial perspectives about inequality and other social problems, we can review information gathered by groups who try to be objective. As we expand our understanding beyond our personal experiences, we can better communicate with others to either broaden their awareness of a social problem or persuade them to consider the limitations of their own perspectives. Considering different perspectives encourages us to reexamine our own opinions when we work with others to address social problems.

    This week’s assignment provides a scenario in which you will consider inequality from different sociological perspectives. You’ll be asked to use the sociological theories you have learned about as you address this scenario.

    You belong to a community task force that volunteers to improve social problems. The city council has asked your team to provide a report on social problems at a micro-level (your neighborhood or community) rather than a macro-level (state or country).

    The task force has nominated you to put together an Inequalities Report on their behalf to help inform the city’s decisions about solving these problems. For this report, you will select 2 types of inequality that exist in your community and discuss how they affect your community at a micro-level. You will also identify sociological theories that city leaders can consider as they plan for solutions.

    Download and complete the Inequalities Report on behalf of your fictional task force.

    Submit the completed report for your assignment.



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