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Assignment: Referral Notebook Completion requirements Directions Compile a list of at least 15 counseling

Assignment: Referral Notebook

Completion requirements


Compile a list of at least 15 counseling referral contacts in your local community. These referral entries should include the name, contact information, Christian affiliation (or not), and specific expertise of each referral contact. If your future ministry context is not certain, choose a local context that makes sense to you (hometown, Twin Cities, etc.).

The 15th referral must include a clear statement regarding mandatory reporting, which is a different kind of referral but a referral, nonetheless. This last referral statement should be written in such a way that it could be presented to a church board or potential clients. In other words, it must be exceedingly clear as to your responsibility of why, when, and what to report.

Lastly, finish this assignment with at least one paragraph on when to actually use these people and do a referral to someone else.

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