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Assignment: You are the Director of a Health Information Management


You are the Director of a Health Information Management department, and your hospital will soon be implementing an EHR. The doctors in your hospital are concerned about using a new EHR. They are afraid that it will take away from their ability to care for their patients and that it will cause extra work for them. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has approached you because you are on the EHR implementation and design team. You are asked to negotiate and persuade the physicians – to on-board them with the upcoming transition to an Electronic Health Record. To do this, you will create a presentation for the Medical Staff Meeting and it will include:

  1. Specifics on how the EHR will benefit them. These will be used to negotiate with them in an open forum at the meeting. The CMO provides some physician issues:
  • They have fears about their typing skills.
  • They want to use their own order sets – not pre-set orders.
  • They fear that the system won’t be secure.
  • They like to review the old paper records to see the patient’s treatment history.
  • Some of them use an EHR at a nearby facility and don’t want to learn a different system.
  1. Steps that will be taken to ensure a successful transition to the EHR.Create a persuasive presentation for the doctors, sharing at least four benefits the doctors will realize from a new EHR, and recording at least two ideas that can be negotiated during implementation to meet their personal preferences and ensure a successful transition. Your presentation should be 2-3 pages long or if you prefer, it may be completed using PowerPoint which would likely be longer to accommodate for the larger fonts used in PowerPoint. Correct Spelling, grammar, Reference in APA format with In-text citations

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital health information system that replaces the traditional paper-based medical records. The implementation of an EHR brings several benefits, including improved clinical workflow, enhanced patient care, and reduced errors. However, some physicians may have concerns about using an EHR, such as fears about typing skills, system security, and transitions to pre-set orders. As the Director of Health Information Management Department, I will create a presentation to persuade the doctors and provide them with specific accounts of benefits of EHR and negotiation steps useful in ensuring a successful transition.

Benefits of EHR:

1. Enhanced Patient Care: EHRs will provide doctors with readily available and comprehensive patient information, comprising medical histories, test results, and treatments, enabling accurate and better-informed medical decisions.

2. Improved Clinical Workflow: EHRs optimize the medical work process, such as patient admission, consultation, and discharge, ensuring physicians save time and operate more efficiently through electronic documentation, decision support tools, and alerts.

3. Improved Regulatory Compliance: Electronic health record systems ensure compliance with the regulatory policies such as HIPAA, which govern electronic medical records’ confidentiality and privacy policies.

4. Flexible and Adaptive System: The EHR system is flexible to customize according to the physician’s preference; it assists physicians in creating customized order sets that are specific to the physician’s practice, thereby addressing their concerns on pre-set orders.

Negotiation Steps:

1. Training: The new EHR system will be entirely different from the existing one in the nearby facility, where the physicians are more conversant with the system. Hence, the hospital will offer training sessions for physicians to ensure their proficiency with the new system.

2. Secure System: EHRs are secure, and healthcare providers must adhere to best practices for securing sensitive patient information. The Physicians will discuss in a forum their concerns regarding the EHR system’s security measures and recommendations to make it more secure and acceptable for usage.

In conclusion, implementing an EHR system in the hospital setting brings numerous benefits to the medical staff and the patients they serve. EHR requires physicians’ cooperation to ensure its success; hence, the presented ideas on negotiation will address physicians’ preferences and ease the transition. Collaborating with physicians can ensure a seamless and successful transition, making sure we move towards an efficient and secure Electronic Health Record system.

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