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Assignment:Create a Power Point Presentation to discuss the


Create a Power Point Presentation to discuss the following

Sgt. Eddie Johns leaned back against the chair in the outpatient orthopedic clinic. His head was killing him! He wasn’t sure which was worse, the “morning after” headache or not being able to sleep at night. At least when he had a few beers under his belt so he could catch a few hours of sleep. It had been like this since he was air evacuated back stateside from Afghanistan after the roadside bomb went off. He was thankful that he had only broken his leg in a couple of places and gotten a bad bump on the head. They called that traumatic brain injury but he didn’t know what that was and really didn’t believe them anyway. He was still thinking just fine. His friend Joe wasn’t so lucky! How was Joe going to learn to walk on those artificial legs? He was still in the hospital in Washington, DC. That was pretty far from his home. Eddie wished he could visit Joe. They had been in the same platoon for 9 months. But, Eddie was glad that he had been able to come back to his own home town for outpatient treatment. It took an hour to get here but at least he could see his girl almost every day. Sure he had moved back in with his mom but it was easier to have someone to help him get around and cook for him. It was a bummer that he couldn’t work right now. He guessed it didn’t matter much since he really didn’t have a job to go back to. He had been replaced at the plant. They said they would find something for him to do once he could get around more easily. Eddie sure hoped the doc would take the pins out of his leg today and give him a clearance to work.

  • How would the use of the Roy Adaptation Model assist the nurse in planning the continuation of care for Sgt. Johns?
  • Describe the influence of Roy’s Theory in guiding the nurse’s actions in promoting Sgt. Johns adjusted self-concept.
  • From the perspective of the Roy Adaptation Model, why is it important for the nurse to listen to Sgt. Johns’ “story” in his own words and not just base her interactions on information from the chart, fellow colleagues, or his family?
  • Based on Neuman System’s Model, identify at least 4 stressors from the case study. Create a plan of care based on Neuman Systems Model for Sgt. Johns. 

Your PowerPoint should include at least 1 outside reference and your book. The presentation should be 10 to 15 slides in length.

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As a medical professor, it is important to understand the different nursing models and theories that can guide the planning and continuation of care for patients. This presentation will focus on two models: the Roy Adaptation Model and the Neuman System’s Model, and how they can be applied to the case of Sgt. Eddie Johns, a veteran who experienced a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures after his deployment in Afghanistan.

Question 1:

The Roy Adaptation Model emphasizes the individual’s ability to adapt to internal and external stimuli. As a result, the nurse can focus on identifying the patient’s unique needs and coping mechanisms and develop a plan of care that addresses their individualized needs. In Sgt. John’s case, understanding his coping mechanisms and needs can help the nurse plan for the continuation of care after he leaves the outpatient orthopedic clinic. For example, Sgt. Johns may have difficulty adjusting to new routines or the loss of independence, and the nurse can implement interventions that support his ability to adapt, such as providing emotional support and teaching him new coping strategies.

Question 2:

Roy’s Theory can help guide the nurse’s actions in promoting Sgt. John’s adjusted self-concept by focusing on the individual’s ability to adapt and maintain their self-concept through the use of coping mechanisms. It is essential to understand that Sgt. John’s experiences have undoubtedly changed his self-concept, and this will impact his ability to adapt to new situations. The nurse can promote his self-concept and create a positive outlook by providing support, teaching adaptive coping mechanisms, and helping him recognize his strengths.

Question 3:

The Roy Adaptation Model emphasizes the importance of understanding the patient’s perspective and incorporating subjective experiences in care planning. Listening to Sgt. Johns’ “story” in his own words allows the nurse to understand his concerns and better align the plan of care with his unique needs. The chart, fellow colleagues, or family members may not provide the full story of Sgt. Johns’ experiences, and he may feel unheard or misunderstood without a listening ear from the nurse.

Question 4:

According to the Neuman System’s Model, stressors can be internal or external, and it is the nurse’s responsibility to identify and address these stressors proactively. For Sgt. Johns, possible stressors include his physical limitations, loss of job security, decreased independence, and psychological distress. A plan of care based on Neuman systems model would focus on preventing or reducing stressors by implementing interventions that promote stability, flexibility, and resilience. For example, the nurse can teach Sgt. Johns relaxation and stress-management techniques, provide resources for job retraining, and facilitate social services for community supports.


Nursing models and theories provide a framework for understanding how to promote patient adaptation and coping. The Roy Adaptation Model and Neuman System’s Model are valuable tools for nurses in planning care for patients like Sgt. Johns, who has experienced significant changes in his life after an injury in combat. By understanding and applying these models, nurses can promote positive outcomes and support their patients in rehabilitating and adapting to their new circumstances.

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