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At the top of the Cornell Notes you must include:


At the top of the Cornell Notes you must include: your name, the Cornell Notes number, the chapter title and page number of the assigned reading as required and as demonstrated in the Cornell Notes template in the “Getting Started” section of Canvas.  There must be a space between each line linking the “Main Idea” with the “Notes” – points will be deducted if the required format is ignored.  You must link a Main Idea within the same row space(s) of a corresponding Main Note, and provide a row space between each row of a Main Idea and linked Main Note.  

 To be clear, you must use the instructions in the video link as a guide, however, you must also include the following instructions for Cornell Notes.  In the summary 1) an analysis of what is being summarized and 2) your own ideas about the points made in the summary.  Please see the Cornell Notes template for clarity regarding formatting.   

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