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Applied Final Project

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Applied Final Project 

The applied final project gives you a chance to analyze existing research in detail.  Now that you have learned the various components of research methods, for this assignment, choose from the variety of research articles available that are posted in the Learning Resources folder. 


· Look through the research articles provided and choose one. 

· Read the research article. 

· Based on this article, complete the following:


1. Describe and summarize the theory or theories used in this article and name the social science discipline they come from. 

2. Describe if this research comes from the inductive or deductive approach and support your rationale

3. Describe if this research is exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, or a combination and why.  Support your rationale.

4. Identify the research methods used 

for the design of this research
 and describe how the authors 
collected their data. Indicate the following:

· How did the researchers design the data collection instrument?  Was it a qualitative or quantitative instrument? 


· If you do not believe mixed methods were used, describe if you think the use of multiple methods would enhance the research and affect the results.

5. Describe the sampling process:

· Who was used as their sample? 

· Was this sample recruited using non-probability sampling or probability sampling?  Describe why you think this is so.  Support your rationale.

6. Describe the methods used by the researchers in 
their analysis of the data.

· How did they analyze the data?

· Remember that they used some type of approach either qualitative data collection or quantitative data collection. Which one did they use and how did they analyze the data they collected?  Describe the process.

7. Name the key independent and dependent variables of the research.

· Was there measurement between the two variables?  If so, what were they?  If not, why do you think this is so?

· Was there a hypothesis?  If not, why do you think this is so?

8. Discuss the analyses that were conducted to arrive at the article’s conclusions.

· Discuss the results of the research conducted. Do the authors cite any limitations to their research? If so, what are they?

9. Let’s say that an independent research foundation has given you money to expand and improve on this study by using a mixed-methods approach—that is, by adding a research methodology from another social science. The foundation’s board of scientists believes strongly in the value of interdisciplinary research and wants you to add the approach and unique methods of additional social science.

Be sure to cite your resources in the text. Submit your assignment to the Assignment folder.

Turnitin will be used to evaluate this assignment prior to grading. Please review the syllabus for more information about the use of Turnitin in this course.

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