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Biological Components in the act of Eating

Assignment 1: Biological Psychology in Life (20 Points) General Psychology – Berkeley – Fall 2019 Due Online During the Start of the “Touch” Section Overview: By now, I’m hoping that you’ve come to recognize that your everyday world is experienced through a litany of different biological mechanisms. In these first few weeks of this semester, you have been exposed to some of the examples of how our nervous system plays a role in our every aspect of our mental life. In this first assignment, you must describe an everyday experience in your life. After describing the event, you then must relate it to the biological components that were covered in lecture and in section. In particular, you should cover this information on the following: A. Cellular activity linked to the event (both the chemicals and structures involved) B. The areas of the brain involved in the activity (both the lobes and specific areas if applicable C. The portions of the peripheral nervous system also involved For example, you could discuss how you use all of parts of these systems in your attempt to shop for your groceries (NOTE: you CANNOT use this example in your paper). It is important that you describe and define in detail how the psychological terminology relates to the situation/experience that you chose. These write-ups should be detailed enough for your reader to fully understand the situation/experience that you are describing AND to identify with certainty that you understand the psychological topics that you chose. Your Grade Will Be Based On: I. A clear description of the situation that was experienced II. A clear and accurate description of how components within each of the 3 levels listed above relate to the experience (Note: each summary of a specific level should be at least 2 to 4 paragraphs long, cover several concepts, and should be described in your own words—no quoting) III. Proper grammar, creativity, and depth of coverage in the paper IV. Properly formatted in-text citations and reference list (use APA Format) Notes: The written portion of the assignments (not the reference page) should be a maximum of three, typed, double-spaced, pages in length—do not mess with font size and margins to make your paper longer or shorter. You will not lose points for having a paper that is shorter than three pages, but if you are fulfilling all of the requirements, your paper will be at least two full pages. Make sure that your paper is written as an expository essay. It needs to be coherent, with smooth transitions between topics, and it must be in essay form. You should not have different sections in your paper. There should also be no bullet points or other forms of separation in the paper. Please write several drafts, spell check, proofread, and revise your work before submitting your assignment. You will not receive full credit if your assignment contains multiple grammatical, spelling, or stylistic mistakes. The University offers resources to help refine your writing. Your GSI will not be able to proofread drafts. Papers must be entered into the appropriate submission page on the bcourses site before the START of your assigned section that the paper is due. Anything submitted after the start of that section—even 1 minute late—will receive 75% of the points earned for the paper. Work submitted over 1 week after the due date will not be accepted and will receive no credit. No make-up work or re-writes will be offered or accepted.

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