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Bollywood Dance History

 The topic is not specified, it depends on the writer. Make it very specific and narrow it down to one kind of dance from Bollywood or Indian culture. A dance which has a cultural and religion story behind. The research paper proposal guidelines are as below: Two paragraphs, double-spaced. This assignment should also include a preliminary bibliography, listing at least 5 sources, of which only two can be exclusively web-based. Thus, journal articles from publications that are not exclusively web-based are okay. write the bibliography on a separate page using Chicago manual style. For this assignment, you will state your intent for research toward your final project. In narrative form, your statement should succinctly address the following questions: 1. who/what will be the focus of your study? 2. what intrigues you about this subject? why? 3. what questions will you explore? 4. How will your proposed work build on existing studies and yet explore new territory? 5. How will you conduct your research? what methodologies will you use?

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Assignment Outline