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Briefly describe the disability or medical condition Share an overview

  • Briefly describe the disability or medical condition
  • Share an overview of the Organization you have chosen to research.This could be done by reviewing the website, an interview with an employee or a report on a visit to the organization or a bit of all three.  This should be a thorough review of the organization focusing on the mission and how they illustrate the mission through activities and programs. 
  • Research and summarize a position within the organization that interests you. The job must be directly related to the disability or medical condition researched.

Finally you will create your own Case Study by creating a Fictional Character that will use the organization you researched.  Below is the explanation of what I would expect would be included.

  1. Create a character. Create a fictional character who would take advantage of the services the organization provides Create a character based on the disability studied in the chapter you chose. Describe your character: Name, gender/gender identity, racial/ethnic identity, disability/ability status, social class position, age and anything else that will add to the story of why and how they are using the organization. 
  2. Give your character some concerns that may bring them to use the organization you researched. Come up with somewhere between two and five problems or transition difficulties that your character might experience.
  3. Build a Toolkit. Explain in detail how your character used the resources provided by the organization and how it might have enhanced their ability to remove or even circumvent a problem faced by their illness or disability.
  4. Format: The Toolkit can be word document, PowerPoint presentation, or a video. It must be able to be uploaded to canvas.  Tap into your strengths and/or interests for this project: How do you like to work? How do you prefer to show your intelligence?
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Assignment Outline