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Budget: 50 Billion dollars City: Los Angeles

 Description Budget: 50 Billion dollars City: Los Angeles Directions: You will be given a budget of 50 Billion dollars to fund different departments within Los Angeles. You get to decided how much of the funds will be going to what department of the city. For example policing, education, natural resources, public works etc. Page 1: -Mission Statement: write out a mission statement. -Vision: vision for the city and the future as to why you would give that much money to a specific department within the city -Values: What departments within the city do you prioritize and then explain why Page 2: Build a CHART showing what departments within the city is getting how much money for example. education $12,000,000 law enforcement $10,000,000 etc. (this second page in not an essay. you will be making a chart showing the exact amount of money you are giving to the departments)

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Assignment Outline