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BUSM077: HRM in the Public Services Short-Essay Questions

The short-essay accounts for 30% of your final mark and is based on a 1,500 words report. Please submit your essays via the special link created in QMPlus. Please find below the essay questions. Please refer to the assessment criteria on QMplus. Happy writing!



Police Scotland are seeking advice on the potential impact on changes to call centre structure and staffing.

You have been asked to advise to the Assistant Chief Constable responsible for uniformed staff (police officers), and the HR manager responsible for civilian staff, along with a representative of the Police Officers Association (trade union representative). You will provide two documents for the panel, in which your advice with be communicated:

An executive summary in which you will have to summarise the following (i) purpose of your report (ii) your main findings (iii) your main conclusions (iv)key recommendations. This will need to be written in a clear, accessible style for a non-academic audience though for experts in recruitment, selection and talent management. This should be about no more than 250 words.

A supporting technical, document (i.e., a conventional essay) in which you consider the problem and evaluate it in academic terms. For this essay section, references will NOT be included in the word count. Please include a maximum of FOUR tables, figures or diagrams if you think these help to reinforce your views.

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